Magnetic Knife Holder - Short - Walnut


Super chic and strong magnetic knife holder! Whether you are a professional chef, home chef or you just don’t have much counter space these knife holders are perfect! Designed to have easy access to your knifes, while displaying them, freeing up your counter space and adding some art to your kitchen, all with one product! Keeping them up on the wall also keeps them out of reach of children.

Knives are kept secure to the holder with the power of Thor... Well the real secret is, it is magnets. Each knife holder from Lone Timber is meticulously handmade right in Texas using only quality materials.  

Mounting: Each knife holder has keyhole slots carved into the reverse side for easy mounting with no screws showing (mounting hardware included).

Care: Clean with warm water, soap can be used, if needed.

Dimensions:  Holds 5 Knives approximately 16" long x 4.5" tall. Made from sustainably sourced walnut.

Lichtenberg Burned - We take ordinary functional pieces and put a shocking twist on them. A shocking 3,000 volt twist—by shocking them with high voltage electricity, it creates an organic expression in the wood. We then clean them and either seal the piece with the burns intact or inlay colored epoxy resin to compliment the natural wood.

Please allow 7-14 days to complete on orders we create specially for you.
*Knives not included