Wall Hanging Crosses - Lighter Wood


Crafted with Precision: Lichtenberg Hardwood Crosses

Embark on a journey of artistry with our Handmade Lichtenberg Hardwood Crosses. Guided by skilled artisans, each cross undergoes a meticulous process, showcasing the convergence of nature's forces and human craftsmanship.

Process Highlights:

  1. Premium Hardwood Selection: Carefully chosen hardwood sets the stage, ensuring durability and providing a canvas for intricate patterns.

  2. Lichtenberg Burning Technique: Witness the dance of lightning as artisans meticulously etch the surface, creating a unique and mesmerizing pattern.

  3. Hand-Shaping and Natural Finish: Skilled hands shape the cross, highlighting the wood's inherent beauty. A natural touch finish enhances warmth and character.

  4. Artisan's Intention: Infused with intention and love, each cross becomes a genuine connection between creator and creation.


More than a symbol of faith, our Handmade Lichtenberg Hardwood Crosses are tangible expressions of craftsmanship—inviting you to embrace the beauty of faith, one uniquely crafted piece at a time.

Bring precision-crafted artistry into your space. Order your Lichtenberg Hardwood Cross today and experience the beauty shaped by skilled hands.

Dimension: 15" tall x 10 wide