Each charcuterie board is different, wood grain, wood color, and epoxy curing, design, pattern etc.


Solid Sustainable - Here at Lone Timber we select each piece of wood by hand, and ensure all wood is sustainably sourced and my pieces are built to last with artful design. Many trees used have suffered damage in storms or collateral damage from construction. Giving wood new life to be used as functional art for years to come is why we do what we do!


Handmade In-House - Each piece in my collection is handmade with Texas pride to be both functional but artistic; Each charcuterie board is meticulously crafted, with great care. Before listing each board’s epoxy is fully cured and food safe ready to use.


One of a Kind, Never Stained, Always Beautiful - I always let the wood speak for itself, not covered by paint or stains. Olive wood has beautiful grain, color and unique figuring of the grain. Each piece is unique more than any other wood I have worked with.


Ready for you Home – Each charcuterie board is food safe, from the fully cured epoxy to finish. Ready to be used as a charcuterie tray for that party you have planned with family and friends, or spur of the moment date night with your boo.


Dimensions – This board is approximately 18 inches x 7 inches (+/- 3/4 inch) thickness varies from board to board.


Easy Care and Maintenance -

-wipe clean with lukewarm water and mild dish soap

-after washing hand dry, then let air dry propped up for maximum air circulation

-treat with wood wax once every 2-3 months. If using mineral oil or board conditioner once a month.


-Odors? DO use sale and lemon juice (salt on lemon half) or white vinegar to treat.

-DO hand wash your board (wood is NOT dishwasher safe)

-DO let prop up after hand drying for maximum circulation to prevent warping

-NEVER treat board with any cooking oil (olive, vegetable, etc.)

-NEVER soak in water



Materials Used – Wood (Olive), Epoxy Resin*Each of our charcuterie boards are each individually hand crafted. We work to keep the natural beauty in each piece of wood. Due to the uniqueness of nature the wood and epoxy, no two boards will have the same wood grain, wood color or epoxy design, pattern, etc.*

Custom Orders - I do take custom orders. If you would like another color, please contact us and we love custom projects and will do our best to accommodate any custom features that you would like. The sky is the limit.  Please allow 4 to 5 weeks + current shop lead time for a custom board like these, as the epoxy cure time to maximum strength is 3-4 weeks.  We take great pride in every detail to make sure you have the best quality product.

Olive Wood Charcuterie Board Emerald Green

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