Jack Daniels Lamp - Wood lamps can be great, but they're often clunky and uninspired. Every aspect of this amazing piece tells a story. Melding Jack Daniels 150 year heritage, with natural solid walnut and Lichtenberg burning with epoxy inlay. The lamp features an Edison style LED bulb filtered through a Jack Daniels Bottle casting a warm glow with a bourbon aftertaste. A warming ambiance for those late night sippin' sessions or those days spent fishing from dawn till dusk.

Handmade In-House- I design all of my pieces to go beyond just being functional. By highlighting the natural beauty of the wood and enhancing its function, I hope to add an element of artistry to your home or business

Real Hardwoods, Never Stained, Always Beautiful – I always let the hardwood speak for itself by finishing with quality finish which enhances the beauty, and not covering by paint or stains. We also DO NOT use cheap pine and stain it to look like hardwood. It is all in the grain.

Lichtenberg Burned - We take ordinary functional pieces and put a shocking twist on them. A shocking 3,000 volt twist—by shocking them with high voltage electricity, it creates an organic expression in the wood. We then clean them and either seal the piece with the burns intact or inlay colored epoxy resin to compliment the natural wood.

Customize to Fit Your Needs - Custom design a piece to fit your home! You can select the dimensions, type of wood, and mounting method of your hardwood shelf to either blend in seamlessly with your aesthetic or provide a statement piece with a pop of color!

Ready to Use – Lone Timber ships fully finished pieces, will all the components needed to begin using right away!

Dimensions: 14.5" tall x 5.5" wide x 8” deep. Cord is twisted cloth coated at about 8ft in length, with a thumbwheel switch and vintage two (2) prong plug. This is made from black walnut.
*Accessories not included

Liquor Bottle Lamp

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