Each coasters set is different, wood grain, knots, and wood color will vary between sets.


Solid Sustainable - Here at Lone Timber we select each piece of wood by hand, and ensure all wood is sustainably sourced and my pieces are built to last with artful design. Many trees used have suffered damage in storms, whether it’s wind damage resulting in loosing a limb or complete loss of the tree. Turning wood which would be burned into functional art is what I enjoy most about my creations.


Handmade In-House - Each piece in my collection is handmade with Texas pride to be both functional but artistic.


One of a Kind, Never Stained, Always Beautiful - I always let the wood speak for itself, not covered by paint or stains. Each piece is sealed with a clear lacquer for worry and maintenance free use. The Baby Yoda (Grogu) images are laser engraved onto each coaster.


Ready for you Home – Each set of coasters are ready to use as soon as they are unpacked!


Dimensions - Each coaster is approximately 4 inches x 4 inches (+/- ¼ inch) coaster thickness may vary from set to set.


Materials Used – Wood (Cedar), Laser Engraver

*Our coasters are each individually hand crafted. We work to keep the natural beauty in each piece of wood. Due to the uniqueness of nature the wood and our burning process, no two coasters will have the same wood grain, wood color or burn pattern. Each set is as unique as the wood.*

Baby Yoda Engraved Cedar Coasters

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