Guitar Holder / Hanger - Walnut


Discover Harmony in Design: Lichtenberg Guitar Hanger

Crafted from premium hardwood, our Lichtenberg Wall-Mounted Guitar Hanger is a unique fusion of art and utility. The wood undergoes the mesmerizing Lichtenberg burning technique, creating a distinctive lightning pattern that defines each hanger.

Skillfully inlaid with epoxy resin, the hanger introduces a burst of vibrant color, turning your guitar into a stunning work of art. The rotatable design adapts effortlessly to any guitar headstock, providing a secure and stylish showcase for acoustic, electric, or bass guitars.

Installation is a breeze, ensuring a reliable grip on your instrument while adding an elegant touch to your wall. More than a storage solution, our Lichtenberg Guitar Hanger is functional art, designed to elevate your space with a unique and practical accessory.

Transform your room into a symphony of style with our Lichtenberg Wall-Mounted Guitar Hanger. Order yours today and let your instruments take center stage with elegance and flair.